SAT Scoring Updates

February 2024 Addendum: On February 19th, we adjusted section scores and total scores for the following tests: PSAT 8/9 - Reading and Writing PSAT 8/9 - Math PSAT 10 - Reading and Writing

The adjustments apply to all of the following assessments: Assessment #1 Assessment #2 Assessment #3

These adjustments are being applied retroactively to previous assessments because they represent an improved scoring model. Horizon Education is committed to providing the best possible data to students, teachers, leaders, and families.

November 2023

Horizon Education is always striving to provide the most accurate and actionable information to our educators. We have completed our first round of data analysis from our all new, adaptive assessments. We used data from over 13,000 students to refine our Math and Reading & Writing scaled score charts. On November 23rd and 24th, we will be releasing updated scaled scores and total scores. These new scaled scores reflect a more refined scoring model. This has a roll-up effect at the campus and district level, resulting in more accurate scores.

How we arrived at these updates:

  • We used scores from over 13,000 students to analyze performance. Student data was anonymized before the analysis.

  • Student data came from 36 different school sites spread over six different states. Sites were selected based on their size, location, achievement profile, and completeness of their data.

  • We analyzed performance on the following assessments:

  • We analyzed performance on the following assessments:

    • The Horizon Assessment for the PSAT® 8/9 #1

    • The Horizon Assessment for the PSAT® 10 #1

    • The Horizon Assessment for the SAT® #1

  • We used a smaller subset of cohort data from schools that have been with Horizon Education for 2+ years. We used historical data from 2022-2023 to generate a longitudinal profile of approximately 1500 students. This matched longitudinal data was also anonymized before the analysis.

This refinement does not impact the items that were marked correct or incorrect. Percentages correct found on the score reports or Subsection Details will remain the same.

For example, if your student answered five out of eight Words in Context items correctly, that will remain the same after the rescore. The percentage correct will remain 62.5%. It may impact the Reading and Writing Section Score.

Our refined model will also be applied to Assessment #2 and Assessment #3 this year. We anticipate that scores for future assessments will also provide more accurate and actionable results. We do not anticipate rescoring Assessment #2 or #3 this year.

If you would like to learn more about the scoring tables and scoring procedures, here is a short video that guides you through the updated tables. Copies of the tables can be found here.

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